Our Christmas gift to you: the best properties 2010 report

Those who follow our monthly newsletter know what kind of properties we send around: not just the coolest estates on the waterfront, but also a very solid mix of proper investments: be it a little farmhouse by the water or a penthouse with big balcony... they all have a reason why they are a great investment. Now at the end of 2010 we have collected the 10 most interesting offers of the moment in Croatia, and put them together in the 'Best Properties 2010 Report'.

We hope you get to spend lots of time with your family and friends these holidays. Please print out this report (it downloads as a Acrobat pdf-file, only 12 pages) and leave it on your coffee table, until it might come as inspiration when you wonder into the year ahead.

May 2011 be a year of excitement, and great new steps! We hope to sea you on the coast of Croatia soon.

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