Villas - where to find real villa's for sale in Croatia?

Everyone who has gone house hunting in Croatia recently has discovered that finding a proper villa, as we know it from Italy or Spain or France, is becoming more and more difficult. Especially the Dalmatia region doesn’t have good offer of villa’s for sale. Villa meaning: free standing, swimming pool or space to put it in, large living rooms, open kitchen, and villa’s around you. They are hard to find but do exist, and prices are the same as those ‘villas’ that are officially an apartment building.

Istria is a whole different story. The more advanced land register and zoning status allowed to build easier. Untill a year ago there was a spectacular difference between Istria and Dalmatia in terms of updated land register. The then developed plans are now being built or being offered to the market. And the quality and beauty of these projects, all architecturally blending into the surroundings, is very interesting. Istria offers an equally interesting inland where as Dalmatia is mainly interesting on the seaside (ever since medieval times, all that was going on in Dalmatia, happened at the coast). The lower prices of land further away from the sea cause that prices of these Istrian villa's are also interesting.

So what are we offering?
If you are looking for a proper villa you can decide where to go, based on what you want:
A qualitatively well-build villa with spacious rooms and enough space for a swimming pool can be found in Istria. Newly built, recently restored or off-plan (make sure the developer has a good track record so you know what you can expect).

In Dalmatia you will mostly find existing real estate with confusing prices. It is important to pick from the vast offer the right villa: location, potential, exclusivity, reachability and future possibilities. Prices are almost equal for good or bad location, so by knowing what has value growth potential you can make the deal of your life!
......Only in Croatia.