Home Cam Online - Keep an ‘eye’ on your property 24 / 7

Keep an eye on your property overseas with these plug-and-play camera's. No laptop necessary, no open internet connections. View your house at any time from anywhere in the world. Starting from 799,- for a full set.

Do you get nervous when you lock the door of your seaside apartment, knowing that you won’t be back for a long season? Do you also have the need to check on your property after reading about a heavy storm in the winter?

Home Cam Online offers what everyone with a second home was asking for: the possibility to permanently check on your property. With Home Cam Online you can do this, without having a computer running there all the time. The system brings you directly to your house over a simple internet connection. Whenever you want. Thát is complete peace of mind.

How it works
Choose one of the plug-and-play camera sets. Install the camera on a strategic position: outside your house facing the front door, or inside the house; or both!
Connect the camera to the router (included in the kit) and plug the router in your phone line in the house. It’s as simple as installing a lamp.

The camera stays idle until movement is detected. You, wherever you are in the world, will be notified by SMS, MMS, email and the camera will start recording. You can access the camera, or the recorded data, by simply logging on to your Home Cam Online internet account.

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