Foreign experts believe it will soon be an ideal time to invest in Croatia

Croatian Times

Foreign experts say it will soon be an ideal time to invest in Croatia because they believe the Croatian economy will decline drastically in the coming months.

The daily Poslovni dnevnik has reported that kind of scenario could be a great incentive for foreign investors because share prices will drop.

The daily said such a pessimistic scenario of the domestic economy comes from global investment fund Templeton Emerging Markets, which claim share prices, employment, orders and sales will decline to their lowest levels in the upcoming three months.

Besides low prices, the global fund says the good news for investors is that Croatia has made great progress in its effort to become an EU member and still has very stabil monetary and fiscal policy.

But, despite the report, the daily warns it is hardly to be expected that foreign investors will rush into the Croatian market even if many may find it of interest.

But, opposed to Templeton Emerging Markets, the Croatian National Bank (HNB) believes the Croatian market may be faced with lack of demand. According to HNB, economic growth in 2010 will be 0.3 per cent, which will not be attractive to foreign investors.

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